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Warrior Fence Stain Co.

The #1 Fence and Deck Staining Company in Montgomery, Prattville & Auburn, AL

Deck & Fence Staining in Montgomery, Auburn & Prattville

Your old fence has seen better days. Between the rain, the wind, and the scorching Alabama sun, your fence and deck are looking worn, faded, and ready for the scrap heap. Not so fast! You can get more life out of your fences, decks, entry or garage doors, or porches, with the help of Warrior Fence Stain Co.

Using only the best products by our Montgomery, AL, team, we can stain your faded wood or concrete surfaces, or seal new ones, and keep them looking fresh and attractive for many years.

Here at Warrior Fence Stain, we strive to be your go-to for all exterior wood staining. We specialize in fences, decks, and pergolas. And if you have something else in mind, we’re up to the task.

Your home speaks to who you are, and often it’s the outside that makes the very first impression. That’s where we come in. We want to make your property look better, which makes you look better – whether that’s reviving your fence that is starting to lose its glow, or trying something different to give your home a new aesthetic. The choice is yours, and we’re here to help every step of the way.

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Our Simple 3-Step Staining Process


The first step in this process is to remove any surface dirt from the wooden structure using our proven cleaning system. Next, we saturate the wooden structure with our cleaning agent to penetrate the wood cells and ensure all embedded mold and mildew will be eradicated from the structure.


Next we rinse away the cleaning agent from the wooden structure and it is allowed to dry, normally 2-3 days depending on the sun’s exposure. During this process the wooden structure will lighten beyond the original color, No need to worry, this is part of the curing process, extracting all of the diseased tannin’s, this process continues until the moisture level is below 13%. 


Lastly we apply the American Made- Standard Paints paraffin and natural oil based stains, replacing the natural oils with iron oxide pigments to enhance the color and prohibit growth of mold and mildew, protecting the wooden structure from the ravishes of time in the harsh Montgomery elements.

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Fence & Deck Staining in Montgomery, AL

At Warrior Fence Stain Co., our goal is to make your old, weathered fence in Auburn, AL, Prattville and Montgomery, AL, look like a brand new one, and stay that way for years. With our thorough cleaning methods, and our deck stain and seal products, your fence will have a more natural appearance without the glossy artificial look typical of oil based stains.

No fence is too old or too far-gone for the #1 fence and deck staining treatment! Call us to stain and seal your new fence for maximum durability and good looks that last.

About Warrior Fence Stain, Co.

The #1 Fence Staining Company in Auburn, AL

Warrior Fence Stain, Co. is a family owned and operated company based in Montgomery, AL. We have cleaned, stained, and repaired hundreds of exterior fences for private residents, neighborhoods, gated communities, and businesses in and around the Central Alabama area. We offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee and are the most affordable stain company in the Prattville and Montgomery areas. Call today and see for yourself why we’re the most affordable fence staining company for miles around! 

We believe that your deck and fence are excellent investments and have potential to add great value to your home. As proud homeowners, we understand your wish to protect and enrich those wise investments. Our high quality stain and affordable maintenance is imperative and we would like to extend our services. We understand that most modern decks are made of water resistant, pressure treated wood, however, total protection and preservation of your deck and fence against the elements of nature as well as the inevitably sloppier elements of humanity is difficult to achieve without the assistance of Warrior Fence Stain Co. in Auburn, AL.

Staining your deck will prevent cracking, splintering and graying; common issues due to exposure to rain, wind, and sun. Professional staining also ensures easy clean up; an advantage when faced with messy spills. We may not be able to prevent particularly sticky ice cream from falling off of its cone, but we will provide you with peace of mind in knowing that your beautiful wood will not suffer a nasty stain.

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